Retreats Offered at Radiance 



Meditation Retreats are offered primarily in the Vipassana (Insight) tradition, also popularly known as Mindfulness meditation.  The primary focus is breath awareness:  the moment to moment awareness of the sensation of the breath as one inhales and exhales.  Other focuses of awareness include awareness of the body, sounds, sensations and thoughts.  There are four postures or positions of meditation.  Sitting Meditation:  We sit on a chair or cushion, with the spine straight without being stiff, and all other body parts relaxed, while the mind is attentive and alert.   Walking Meditation:  We walk back and forth between a designated space, focusing on the sensation of the feet touching the earth and the body moving through space.  Standing Meditation:  We stand in one place with the mind focused on the sensations in the body while standing. Reclining Meditation:  We focus upon the sensations in the body, as well as thoughts and sounds,  as we lie on the floor or bed.

Some of the many benefits of meditation are:  increases happiness, slows aging, lengthens attention span, enhances self-awareness, reduces stress and anxiety, generates kindness, helps one to form deeper relationships, increases ones sense of connectedness and empathy, improves memory and creativity, helps one to overcome addictions, enhances the immune system and so much more.






Spiritual Retreats are designed to deepen ones connection to oneself, the environment, one's community and one's ancestors.  These retreats are participatory:  one engages in various ceremonies and practices as a means of generating and stimulating deep connections to oneself and ones community.  There will be a strong reliance on traditional, ceremonial practices from Africa, Asia and Native American traditions. Songs, chants, musical instruments and movement will all interplay to strengthen connections and bring about personal transformation.  















Restorative yoga retreats are designed to provide relaxation, rest and rejuvenation through mental and physical balance resulting in a diminishing of stress and anxiety.  Various props are used to help one  to hold poses longer, providing one with the benefits of deep and passive stretching.  Jillian Pransky describes the 4 primary benefits of restorative yoga as:

1.  Helps one to cultivate the skill of conscious relaxation.

2.  Helps one to discover where one is holding tension.

3.  Creates the conditions for the relaxation response to kick in

4.  Helps one to face what we are avoiding about ourselves.

  These retreats are for all body types and bring about healing through increased flexibility and mobility.    Mindfulness meditation practice through focus on the sensation of breathing and bodily sensations will increase the intensity of this restorative yoga experience..


















Fasting Retreats are designed to bring about detoxification and healing through vegetable and fruit juice fasting.  This extensive program will include herbs for cleansing, self-administered enemas,  educational videos, chanting,  guided meditations, and restorative yoga.  Weight loss can be expected, though not guaranteed.  Fasting helps provide all of the benefits of meditation and restorative yoga plus:

 cleanses the liver, improves moods, regulates blood pressure, improves heart functioning, improves colon health, reduces inflammation, regulates blood/sugar levels, rejuvenation of all digestive organs, reduces acidity thus creating an alkaline environment for health and healing.

Registrations for this retreat are limited and acceptance must be proceeded by an interview.