The Noble Eightfold Path







This is the path that the Buddha described as the way out of suffering.  By diligently embracing and practicing these principles, we can relieve ourselves of suffering.

1.  Wise View:  Knowledge of the cause and origin of suffering.

2.  Wise Intention:  Intent to rid oneself of ill-will, cruelty and craving.

3.  Wise Speech:  Engaging in constructive speech and avoiding harsh, malicious speech and idle chatter.

4.  Wise Action:  Abstaining from killing living beings, abstaining from taking what is not given, and abstaining from sexual misconduct.

5   Wise Livelihood:  Abandoning wrong livelihood and engaging in right livelihood.

6.  Wise Effort:  Strenuous zeal for maintaining wholesome states of mind.

7.  Wise Mindfulness:  Contemplates regarding the body as body, feelings as feelings, mind as mind and mind-objects as mind-objects.

8.  Wise Concentration:  Upon relinquishing unwholesome states of mind and body, is able to abide in sustained thought states accompanied by sensations of bliss.