The Triple Gems








Thich Nhat Hanh poetically invites us  to embrace the Triple Gems.  The 3 gems are:  The Buddha, The Dharma, The Sangha.  To take refuge is to seek protection and safety.  We take refuge in The Buddha in that we embrace the example that he provided for us on our search for awareness and truth.  We take refuge in the Dharma in that we embrace his teachings.  We take refuge in The Sangha in that we delight in being with others who pursue the path to enlightenment.


To the Buddha we go for refuge.

In the path of mindful awareness, we take refuge.
The practice of conscious breathing is our refuge.


To Dharma we go for refuge. 
In the teaching of no separate self, we take refuge.
The insight that all beings are without blame is our refuge.

To Sangha we go for refuge. 
In the community of boundless compassion, we take refuge.

The guidance of the Five Wonderful Precepts is our refuge.